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1011 E. Washington St
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1011 E. Washington St
City, State & Zip:
South Bend, IN 87108
Minimum Lease Term:
12 month lease
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1011 E. Washington St

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This 2,900 square foot house has 3 floors, 7 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. It is located 2.13 miles from campus. This residence has a working security system and pets are allowed. If 7 students shared this place, each would pay $450 per month. Compared to living on campus, you'll save: $4,074  Show me the math
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Mark says:
1011 E. Washington St has 7 bedrooms 3 full baths, off street paved parking and Garage parking.This home has a huge common area and has been completely remodeled.

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Prices shown below are per student per month.
School Year: Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
2017 - 2018
Not Available
Not Available
Not Available
2018 - 2019
$450 per month
$450 per month
$450 per month


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